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At RaceFasteners all our Titanium products are produced from Aircraft specification Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V)

This is the most widely used Titanium Alloy due to its excellent strength to weight properties.

Titanium is lighter by up to 45% while maintaining the same or better strength characteristics of the standard equivalent steel parts

While having an excellent strength to weight ratio Titanium is also extremely corrosion resistant.


Traditionally, titanium has been used exclusively in high end markets such as aerospace where its superior performance is considered worth the cost of production.

Titanium is not in fact an exotic material. In Fact it is the ninth most abundant element on the planet, however the current processing methods require large energy inputs to produce a high-quality titanium alloy.


During the manufacturing process all our Fasteners are CnC Machined to exacting tolerances and all our threads are formed rather than cut. The forming process alters the grain structure of the material and creates a stronger thread with higher resistance of stripping by static and dynamic load.


At RaceFasteners we recommend always using the manufacturer’s recommendation for fitting the fasteners in using either a suitable anti seize compound or thread locking compound.


We recommend using Loctite Blue (242) thread lock as this is a medium strength locking compound for thread lock.

And either Copaslip or similar for ant seize functions


When Torqueing up fasteners, as Titanium does not stretch the same as steel products we recommend Fasteners below of M6 or less should not exceeding 80% of the manufacturers torque settings. Otherwise manufacturers settings should be observed.




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