Stainless Steel Front Caliper Mounting Bolts

To fit Yamaha MT09 Tracer GT Models From Years 2018 onwards

The kit contains 4 Drilled head caliper bolts which are a straight replacement for the originals


Fully CnC machined in the UK, these brake disc bolts are corrosion resistant so will not rust and will continue to look good while giving excellent service for years to come.


After receiving and before fitting your caliper mounting bolts please compare them with one of the original bolts holding on your caliper. Manufacturers sometimes alter lengths in mid-season updates.Check the length of the shank and thread from the bottom of the flange shoulder to the end of the bolt, and make sure they are the same.

We cannot accept returns after the bolts have been fitted to the vehicle.If you are not 100% sure about the fitment please contact us or consult a qualified mechanic.


Always Torque to manufacturers recommendations.


Prices do NOT include UK VAT or International Taxes

Yamaha MT-09 Tracer GT Stainless Steel Front Caliper Bolts 18 onwards