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Titanium Suspension Linkage Triangle Bolt Kit

To Fit All Aprilia Tuono 1100 Factory Models From Years 2015 onwards

This bolt kit replaces the standard bolts on the suspension linkage triangle

The kit contains 3 Titanium Drilled Head Bolts and 3 Titanium Metal Locking Nuts 

These are not standard bolts with standard thread lengths but purposely made units for this application, and are a stright forward replacement for the standard items

For Race or Road Use


Fully CnC machined with rolled threads, a fraction of the weight of the standard steel bolts while maintaining the same strength characteristics.

They are also corrosion resistant so will not rust and will continue to look good and give excellent service for years to come.

BSB, WSB, and MOTOGP technology available for your own motorcycle


Always Torque to between 80%-100% of manufacturers recommendations


Please look at the picture as these are the Bolts and nuts that will be supplied



Aprilia Touno 1100 Titanium Suspension Linkage Bolt Kit 15 on

Excluding VAT
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