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M8x1.25p Titanium Taper Socket Head Bolts


M8x1.25p is the standard pitch


Manufactured from Grade 5 (Ti6Al-V) Titanium and Fully CnC machined with rolled threads, around 40% of the weight of the standard steel bolts while maintaining the same strength characteristics.


They are also corrosion resistant so will not rust and will continue to look good and give excellent service for years to come.

BSB, WSB, and MOTOGP technology available for your own motorcycle


d = M8x1.25p

dc = 13mm

s = 6mm Allan Key

l = Length

Thread Length L =25mm Max


All thread lengths are 25 mm Max meaning a 30mm bolt contains 25mm thread length+ 5mm plain shank. A 20mm bolt is fully threaded.


If you are not 100% sure about the fitment please contact us or consult a qualified mechanic

M8 x 1.25p Titanium Taper Socket Head(Allen Key)

Excluding VAT
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